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Big Island Hawaii Beach Wedding Attire - Anything goes for Big Island Beach Weddings. From Hawaiian print sarongs and Aloha shirts to a formal gown and tux. However, here are a few considerations.

1. Sun and sand. The sun is intense on the Big Island. Add to that the warmth radiating from the sand     and traditional formal wear may be uncomfortable.
2. Consider light colored, linen clothing. This works well with the temperature and for photos. Don't     worry about the wrinkles. Touch them up the best you can and enjoy your Big Island Wedding!
3. Silk is a natural fabric that breathes well, if it is loosely woven. Choose lighter, loosely woven silk     fabrics.
4. Color. Medium to darker colors are warmer and show perspiration. Really bright white is popular     however it washes out at sunset, especially on video. Natural fabrics in cream, ivory or other     perspiration hiding colors look and feel good.
5. You will find lots of stores on the Big Island to purchase island wear and formal wear for your     wedding. Check out some of the websites listed below.
6. Consider going barefoot or wearing special flip-flops for your Big Island Beach Wedding. High heels     are difficult to maneuver in and often are forgotten on shore.

Resort, Church or Private Site Big Island Hawaii Wedding Attire - If you choose to get married in a church, at a resort or private site you may want to go all out and wear traditional, formal Wedding Attire. Here are a few tips.

1. Most important - You must feel fabulous in your Wedding dress! Don't let anyone else, even the     groom, decide what dress you will wear.
2. Don't buy your dress too far in advance. You may lose or gain weight. Your taste may change.
3. Get a dress that is made well and fits well. You don't want to be adjusting your dress during the     entire wedding. Walk around in the dress. Sit down in the dress. Check out bra straps and panty     lines. Choose a Wedding dress suited for your body type. Many Wedding gowns shown in Bridal     magazines are designed for supermodels.
4. Make sure your Wedding dress, and the groom's and wedding party's attire is appropriate for the     Big Island's climate and the site you have chosen. Consider waiting until you get to Hawaii to     purchase your Wedding Attire. Let those who are experienced specifically in Big Island Wedding     Attire assist you in your choices. Check out the websites listed below.
5. Think twice about trains and veils, particularly if you are getting married outside. Hawaii is famous     for its trade winds and veils can become kites or parachutes!

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